A town filled with starlight.

Macclesfield, it is time to save our town as we step into the unusual reality of La Lune. During Barnaby Festival this June, expect curious happenings in schools, an incredible story unfolding in Christ Church, an observatory appearing on the lawns, a mysterious roving moon and a spectacular occurrence. We need your help to fill our town with starlight. Are you ready?


How to join in #1. Gather.

Come together to keep the story of La Lune alive. Join the Astronomer for his incredible story in Christ Church, visit the observatory on the lawns for music, science, food and drink, and come back a week later for the moment of truth. Will the moon rise in Macclesfield ever again?


How to join in #2. Create.

Create stars to adorn our town, with your family, friends or community. Join in as the Barnaby Parade becomes full of stars. Create & tell your own stories behind star constellations.


How to join in #3. Document.

Help us to tell the story of La Lune far and wide. Follow the roving moon, as it travels around Macclesfield, take photographs of our town filled with stars, and share our story.