The Carnival Parade is the centrepiece community event of Barnaby Festival and takes place on Saturday 18 June, 2016.

John Hartshorn, carnival director for Macclesfield Barnaby Festival 2016 is a man on a mission – the passionate parade leader is calling on Maxonians to get behind the parade and to save Macclesfield, in the name of La Lune.

John explains: “We want the parade and the town of Macclesfield to be shimmering with stars – any size, colour, material or quantity, we just want stars! So, whether you’re a community group, individual or crafty society, put your skills to the test and help create Macclesfield’s very own constellation!”


Design and construction for what promises to be Barnaby’s biggest, brightest and boldest parade is well underway at ArtSpace where John and a loyal team are busy building giant puppets, hand-crafted floats and costumes. Each year John aims to get more people involved in the lively cavalcade that passes though the streets of central Macclesfield. “There’s always a role for willing volunteers, be it using well-honed carpentry, building, engineering skills in the workshop, being a flag bearer or float-puller on the day, costume making, decorating or being an animateur (crowd-entertainer!)”


To get involved simply drop into ArtSpace on Tuesdays between 12 and 9pm to meet the parade team.


Macclesfield Community ArtSpace, 2nd Floor, The Arsenal, Sutton Mill, Heapy Street, Macclesfield Cheshire. SK11 7JB.