On the 18th June, a moon will appear on the rooftops of Macclesfield. Before dusk falls, each night of La Lune, it will mysteriously move to a new location. Follow the roving moon, Macclesfield, and tell us evening where you find it. You can tweet or instagram the moon when you find it, using the hashtags #lalune and #macclesfieldmoon.


Think of imaginative ways in which to document the travels of the moon. You can sketch, photograph, video or write about the roving moon, and all of your documentation will be gathered on the La Lune website, so that the whole world can hear of the week when the moon came down in Macclesfield.


The roving moon will appear in the town centre of Macclesfield from 18th-25th June. It will be illuminated in a new location at dusk each evening.