We challenge you, Macclesfield. For one week in June, fill our town with stars. We want to see stars shining from your windows, glinting from your garden hedges. From taxis to bus stops, school gates to garden sheds, adorn our town. Then gather as the moon rises on 25th June, to see if we have done enough to save Macclesfield.


Stars made from fabric, from metal, from paper, from wood. We’ll be sharing tons of ideas of how to decorate our town in the coming weeks and months. Here are some ideas to keep you going.


If you have a big idea, want to decorate a place in our town as a community group or arts organisation; or if you’d just like a nice place and some company to make stars, contact Macclesfield Community ArtSpace, 2nd Floor, The Arsenal, Sutton Mill, Heapy Street, Macclesfield Cheshire. SK11 7JB.