If we want to save Macclesfield, we need to tell the world the story of La Lune as it unfolds. Grab your cameras, phones, notebooks and sketchbooks and capture La Lune as it takes place. As our town fills with stars, curious things take place, and the moon roams our streets, it’s up to you to capture them however you can, and make sure that the story of La Lune lives on long past June.


We’ll be suggesting some places online where you can share the story of La Lune, like on our Facebook event, Flickr group and Youtube channel. But the sharing of our story doesn’t need to be digital. Tell your friends and families what happened one week in June. Write to your grandma, your cousins, your penpals. We know they’ll all want to hear about when the streets of Macclesfield became filled with stars.


For now, let the whispers of La Lune begin. Tell your friends and family that the streets of Macclesfield will be filled with starlight for a week in June. If you’re sharing online, use the hashtag #lalune, and mention @_wildrumpus and @barnabyfestival if you can.