We are inviting the people of Macclesfield into a curious reality, as the strange story of La Lune unfolds over Barnaby Festival 2016. Commissioned by Barnaby Festival, La Lune will call on the whole town of Macclesfield to come together, and fill the town with stars. La Lune is Wild Rumpus’ response to Barnaby’s 2016 theme of ‘Space’.

Through an immersive theatrical adventure in Christ Church, a most unusual observatory on the Christ Church lawns, strange occurrences in Macclesfield schools, and stars and moons appearing just everwhere, we’ll be telling the story of  an astronomer who has brought the stars and the moon down to earth. For one short week Macclesfield is full of starlight, but when he realises that he can’t send them back, the people of Macclesfield will have to work together to send them back into the sky where they belong.

Wild Rumpus produce extraordinary worlds, most often in wild natural landscapes, and invite families to step inside and help to create incredible stories and moments of wonder. Alongside producing large-scale events, we’re working with performers, producers and programmers to shape a cultural environment where excellent outdoor work for families thrives.

Barnaby Festival takes place every other year in Macclesfield, Cheshire, a market town nestling at the foot of the Peak District.

The Barnaby Fair – which dates back to the 13th Century – was reinvented as a midsummer celebration of contemporary arts and culture in 2010. Initiated by a group of local people, partly in response to a report which dubbed Macc the ‘least cultured place in Britain’, the town is transformed into a vibrant hub of artistic endeavours, cultural happenings and family fun. Barnaby is made with its community, powered by volunteers and supported by businesses, artists, performers and creative thinkers.